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Web portal
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Mobile application
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Web portal for experts

Mobile application for patients

A library of exercises and protocols included

Choose from more than 1700+ exercises when creating your exercise plan. Or save time by finding the optimal rehabilitation plan for your patients in the protocol library. Or create your own library of plans.

Connected mHealth
Real-time HR monitoring and tracking

Real-time HR monitoring and tracking

Have your patients connect their HR tracker to the Connected mHealth app and monitor their pulse in real-time.

Connected with:

Real-time HR monitoring and tracking

Track your patients’ pain and activity levels

The Connected mHealth platform allows tracking of the patient’s progress and feedback in real-time. Track heart rate, pain and activity levels, and progress.

Connected mHealth
Connected mHealth
Mayo Clinic Logo

Educate your patients with Mayo Clinic Health Library

Equipped with articles on various health conditions keep your patients informed on their diagnosis.

Connected mHealth


More features

Prescribe to individuals or groups

Once you create your exercise plan it is easy to prescribe it to one patient or many at the same time. Creating groups in the portal will improve your time efficiency.

Drag and drop to build your exercise plan

In seconds create a rehabilitation home exercise plan in the Connected mHealth portal by using a library with more than a thousand exercises and hundreds of protocols. Or import your own videos.

Manage your patients and employees in a few seconds

A simple way of adding new patients or employees. With one click invite patients to use the Connected mHealth app to track their personal exercise behavior.

Put your brand on the Connected mHealth mobile app

Increase your practice recognition between your patients by adding your logo on the Connected mHealth mobile app.

Designed to drive motivation to exercise

Intuitive app design supported by research gives your patients a seamless experience of an exercise session equipped with push notifications and rewards. Enjoy the ease of following the prescribed exercises directly from their mobile.

Gamified app experience of rehabilitation

Drive exercise completion with gamification of the Connected mHealth mobile app. Various badges will keep your patients driven to finish their exercise session.

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