General Conditions and Instructions for use of the Connected mHealth service (hereinafter “General Conditions of use”) apply for all users of the service (for both Web service and mobile application) and determine rules and conditions of the Connected mHealth service (hereinafter “Service”).

The Service provider is Mikropis USA LLC, 221 1st Ave SW, suite 202, Rochester MN 55902 United states (hereinafter “Service provider”).

The Service provider enables its users to connect with their rehabilitation organization and follow the program prescribed by their expert. It automatically records various data and measurements using sensors and the Global Positioning System. The Service provider would like to emphasize that the Service is for information purposes only and serves as an informative tool for rehabilitation, recreation and healthy living. All data received by the user is merely informative and in no way represents, substitutes, or helps to diagnose health condition or even substitute treatment itself.

2.1 The duration of the Service

The Service starts on September 1, 2020 and is terminated with the withdrawal by the Service provider.

User status is obtained by getting familiar with and accepting General Conditions of use and with registration, which is done according to the rules of the Service.

The user can be any person older than 18 years of age. People under the age of 18 can use the Service only with the consent of their legal guardians.

The Service, accessible at, can be used by all users with access to the internet. The Connected mHealth mobile application (hereinafter “Mobile application”) can only be used on smart phones by users/subscribers on networks where data connection is enabled.

4.1. Applying for the application

The user (organization – admin or expert in organization) can apply to the Service at website by creating a user account and becoming familiar with and confirming the General Conditions of use. The user can also apply for the Service by confirming an invitation (from expert) and downloading the Connected mHealth mobile application from mobile stores (Google Play, App Store, etc.), creating a user account, becoming familiar with General Conditions of use and confirming his or her agreement.

To see maps for tracked activities, allow Connected mHealth to use your location all the time. Connected mHealth will use location in the background to show your activities on the map.

4.2. Login Error

If the user makes a mistake while entering data during the process of registering into the Service, he can immediately correct the data or stop the procedure and log into the Service again as described in section 4.1. If incorrect data is submitted by accident, it can later be corrected under the “Profile” tab.

4.3. User Account Deactivation

The user deactivates his user account by sending an email with the inscription ‘Deactivation’ on

The use of the Connected mHealth Services for the user (client) connected with the organization is free and available only on mobile app. The use of the Connected mHealth Services for organization is not free. Please contact us for price list.

Sent messages and transferred data are charged according to the price list of the user’s telecommunication service provider.

The use of mobile applications is also possible abroad with the appropriate network, but data transfer is charged according to data transfer price list for abroad.

The Service provider is bound to attentively and in accordance with the legislation of the United States protect all personal data of users, who by using the Service allow the Service provider to collect, handle, and store personal data for the purposes of the Service, statistical, and scientific research purposes, more details in the Legal.

Connected mHealth’s use and transfer of information received from Google APIs to any other app will adhere to Google API Services User Data Policy, including the Limited Use requirements.

Sensitive personal data will be specially marked while processed and protected to prevent access to unauthorized people, except in case, if the user publishes his or hers personal data without obvious or explicit intent to limit the purpose of use.

The Service provider reserves the right to store data on the user’s computer in form of a cookie or similar files with the aim of adjusting the web portal to the user’s needs.

The Service provider has settled all material and moral copyrights regarding the contents it will offer within the Service and explicitly forbids all third parties to misuse, forward, broadcast, and photocopy any images, videos, logotypes, and other contents which are part of the Service.

The user is privy to and accepts that:

  • the Service is informative, and all data received by the user is merely informative and in no way represents, substitutes, or helps to diagnose health condition or even substitute treatment itself. The Service provider advises the user to turn to authorized institutions and service providers for medical and other recommendations;
  • he or she guarantees and exclusively bears the responsibility that all submitted data is correct and accurate. Service provider bears no responsibility in any case for any implication that the user might suffer;
  • he or she is exclusively responsible for all data located on the portal or mobile application, if he or she in any way forwards, discloses, etc. it. Service provider bears no responsibility for any content exchanged between users;
  • he or she bears full responsibility for suitable protection of all data on the devices (e.g. hard drive, mobile phone, tablet computer, and others), Service provider is not responsible for any kind of damage in case of losing these data, and is not responsible for the Service not functioning in case of user’s equipment (computer, mobile phone) being technically inadequate;
  • the Service provider is committed to abide by all statutory provisions on the protection of personal data, however, the Service and the transfer of other data is not completely and absolutely safe and reliable;
  • the Service provider cannot guarantee user`s complete satisfaction with the Service, and cannot guarantee equal conditions with factors he does not have control of;
  • the Service provider cannot guarantee the Service’s functioning in cases of network outage, power outage, or other technical faults that could temporarily interrupt the Service’s functioning, and bears no responsibility for cases of force majeure;
  • the Service provider shall not be liable for any damages incurred by the user due to improper use of the Service.

The Service provider is responsible for resolving complaints regarding the proper functioning of the Service. In case of justified complaints, the Service provider is bound to abolish them within a reasonable time and notify the user about it.

All complaints are resolved by:

Mikropis USA LLC
221 1st Ave SW
suite 202, Rochester
MN 55902 United States

Complaints and contact number: +1 507 202 2444


Changes in the General Conditions of use will be promptly posted on the website.

If the user does not agree with the changes in General Conditions of use, he must notify the Service provider before changes come into effect and deactivate his account, as stated in the service manual. Maintaining the account means that the user agrees with changes in General Conditions of use and privies with them.

All users violating General Conditions of use and applicable legislative and statutory regulations will be excluded from the Service by the Service provider without prior notification.

The contract is stored at the Service provider; access to it is available with user’s prior written announcement to the Service provider.

In case customers will not be able to resolve conflicts consensually, the agreed upon use of the law of the Minnesota and the court of the United states in Rochester, Minnesota have jurisdiction over the settlement of disputes.

By using the Service, the user of the service expressly agrees with and confirms General Conditions of use, posted on

The user is bound to either print or save the currently valid General Conditions of use and keep them throughout the use of the Service.

Service provider reserves the right to terminate access to the Service for maintenance or upgrading purposes.