Virtual rehabilitation through mobile-Health technology

With Connected mHealth you are now able to guide your patients through their rehabilitation process no matter where they are.

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    Developed with
    experts for experts

    Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation clinicians partnered with Information Technology specialists to give you the tools to share your expertise with patients. Used in many clinics and rehabilitation departments.

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    Connected mHealth
    Connected mHealth

    Create, deliver and follow

    How it works?


    Create a plan

    Select and customize recommended protocols and video demonstrations from our extensive library.


    Send to patient

    Post the individualized plan to the patient for easy access on their mobile via a Cloud based solution.



    Track progress and provide accountability and feedback all through the Connected mHealth portal dashboard.

    Connected mHealth

    for experts

    Ideal choice for different practices

    Suitable for different practices and patient populations, where you wish for your patients or clients to follow a prescribed exercise plan at home.

    • PM&R

    • Musculoskeletal rehabilitation

    • Brain related rehabilitation

    • Cardiopulmonary rehabilitation

    • Sports Medicine


    A guided mobile-health experience for rehabilitation

    Experience exercise therapy guided by an app from injury to recovery. It is designed to be easy for patients to use and boost their motivation to perform their home exercise.

    Works on iOS and Android

    Connected mHealth
    Connected mHealth
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    Educate your patients with Mayo Clinic Health Library

    Equipped with articles on various health conditions keep your patients informed on their diagnosis.

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    Connected mHealth

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    Connected mHealth


    Improve your patients’ rehabilitation experience


    Average patients age using the Connected mHealth app.


    Average engagement rate using the Connected mHealth app.


    Patients continued to use the app, even after completing their prescribed rehabilitation plan using the Connected mHealth technology.


    What do our users say about Connected mHealth?

    Sarah B.

    “I was afraid that my recovery after the surgery would be delayed due to COVID-19. But thanks to the Connected mHealth, my rehab was not postponed – even more, I was fully guided and supported all the time.”

    John M.

    “I really like using the Connected mHealth app as it helps me track my progress with my Physician. Excellent technology.”

    Mohammed A.

    “I had concerns that I wouldn’t know how to use the app, but it was super easy to follow the exercise schedule prescribed by my physical therapist.”

    Connected mHealth

    Brand it

    Make it your own

    Drive brand awareness by adding your logo and making Connected mHealth app your own for free.

    Connected mHealth

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